Learning to Become a Successful
Real Estate Investor?

A coach will give you something you cannot give yourself...

*Accountability, encouragement, support, and motivation

*The focus and guidance to set achievable goals

We have invested approximately $20,000 in real estate training seminars and courses over the past few years and knew what we were supposed to do and generally how everything should work.  When we would get home all charged up and excited we would lose our momentum because the real world is so different than the seminar environment.  We couldn't quite get things going until we met Dennis.  Not only does he have the knowledge of the business but he goes above and beyond any training we've taken and brings a personable approach to his mentoring.  He gave us the final push we needed and we are now up and running.  We have finished our first rent-to-own deal under his mentoring and can't wait to get the next one done.  Not only is he a great mentor, he is a good friend."

Mitch and Debbie Mickiewicz, Arlington, Texas

*Nothing can keep you moving like a coach

*Your coach will help you through the rough times

*Answer your questions and keep you on track

* Register now for affordable

*Mentoring and
*Mastermind Groups
*The quickest and best way to learn is from someone else's mistakes.  In real estate investing your early mistakes can stop you before you get started.  Enlisting a coach and mentor will save you a great deal of time and money.

Call 1-817-371-8658 to get more details.  

     I've spent tens of thousands of dollars, up front, for personal mentoring and was promised the moon.  I followed instructions but could never find a deal or the funding for one.  I met Dennis about a year ago and started working with him on open houses and mortgage loans for his prospects.  He mentioned an interest in mentoring and I asked if he would mentor me.  I couldn't pay him until my first deal sold so I wasn't sure if he would even consider it.  He said he would and we began our teacher/student relationship in October 2005.  He showed me how to make an offer.  He helped me keep a positive attitude when I kept getting rejections.

    I won a HUD bid in November 2005 and he kept encouraging me not to take NO for an answer on 100% investor financing.  I was able to find financing and closed in the 45 day time frame that HUD allows.  The repairs have been made and the house is on a rent to own contract.  When it sells, I will pay Dennis and should still net $10,000 profit.  I had been trying for over two years to accomplish what Dennis helped me through in less than one month.  Meeting Dennis was a blessing and I hope to follow his lead and help others learn to invest in real estate.  So far I am mentoring an old friend who is facing more challenges than I was.  He hasn't closed his first deal yet, but it won't be long.

    I found a deal that I wasn't ready to work on myself and called a friend who was just getting started in investing.  She closed on the house and paid me a finder’s fee for hooking her up.  I also found a deal that I hooked Dennis up with and when he sells it I will get a finders fee from him.  My point is he showed me that if I find a deal that is good enough, I can find some one willing to buy the contract from me.  What a way to build capital without spending a lot of money first!

, TX

Call 1-817-371-8658 to get more details.  

Dawn Jordan-Wells is a successful Realtor in the Hurst Euless Bedford area.  While selling one of Dennis' properties to a client she was impressed with how Dennis handled the transaction and his business plan.  Dawn reviewed the coaching tab on the VMI Properties web site and decided to become a student.  This is what she has to say about her training:

Dennis is a great mentor and coach.  He is very knowledgeable in Real Estate Investing and he is patient with his students.  You will be successful as long as you do what he tells you to do.


Dawn Jordan-Wells

*If you are serious about becoming financially independent through investing in real estate, and committed to putting in the effort to reach your dreams, working with a mentor and coach may be right for you.

Call 1-817-371-8658 to get more details.  

*One-on-one with a VMI coach will teach you the most effective ways to operate your real estate investing business and more importantly instill in you the confidence and skills you need to succeed.

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