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The November/December training will be "Five Things Needed to Put Together a Good Bid".  Get a head start on the training by following the link below for a special $30.00 savings on the TurboBidder real estate investing tool.

TurboBidder Real Estate Investing Tool

In October we will be studyed "Making Big Money Buying Homes at Auctions".  Just click on the link above to get your TurboBidder here with an AREA savings of $30.00.

September's topic--"Profiting From Real Estate Investments"
Click here ( * )  to get both these great investment tools for and AREA special price of only $20.00.


August's topic--Short Sales please order
"The Mortgage Survival Guide"
 by Frank Curtain & Jeff Wynn - "The Smart Guys"

July's topic--Finding Great Deals order Dr. Dolf de Roos' 

            program "Wealth Maker System"

Get a head start on June's topic--"Subject To"


May special guest's (Bill Barnett) best seller...

This is a great book... My Real Estate business literally doubled after I started using some of Bill's techniques.

To learn more about April's topic "Building Wealth with Real Estate" I recommend  "The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investment Program"


March's topic "No Money Down Techniques"--follow thIs link...


February's topic-"How to Get Started Investing  in Real Estate"-just go here...


At our January Meeting we discussed "Time Management" and as promised here is the recommended reading...


At our December Meeting we discussed "Credit Repair" and here is a super set of CD's on that topic. Seven Steps to a 720 Credit Score...


                          Other great products

               Multiple Streams Dr. Dolf de Roos

               Napoleon Hill    Robert Kiyosaki


       Free Book from Robert Allen "THE CHALLENGE" Call 800-371-9876 and pay shipping cost

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